Your Instructor

Stuart Low

With over 30 years expertise, Stuart is a true master photographer where his knowledge of darkroom, victorian and digital photography is truly encyclopaedic. Having learned his craft in scientific, sports and landscape photography, then going on to work as a college lecturer, he is highly regarded as one of the best educators in the business.

Which photography skill do you want to improve?

If you’re looking to learn a new skill such as film, darkroom or a Victorian process, or if you are looking to advance your digital photography skills then choose from any of the options below for more details.

Film & Darkroom

Learn to shoot film & make your own traditional prints in the darkroom.

Alt & Victorian

Learn alternative & Victorian photographic processes from the 1800s

Digital & Modern

Take your digital photography skills to the next level.

Buy books and prints

If you are after art for your wall or something beautiful to read, my books and prints are available to buy online. All prints are hand made by myself – and not farmed out to a bulk printer.

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