Victorian Kallitypes


Learn the wonderful magic of the Victorian Kallitype process.

Duration : 2 days

This two day course is ideal for beginners, intermediates and those looking to learn a new skill. The Kallitype is a thing of beauty and truly hand made in every sense. Pioneered in 1855, this is a process where you will make an absolutely unique print using precious metals such as silver, gold and palladium which results in a truly archival print nth will last for thousands of years.

As much alchemy as it is photography, the course is the fusion of the historical process with modern materials culminating in a stunning print to take home with you.


The day starts with coffee and a brief introduction the the process, after which we will kit up and make the solutions to make your print. Your solutions will require 24 hours to ripen for the next day’s print making.

After mixing, we will practice the process of making the test strip to determine the best tones and exposure for your print and this will prepare you for the next day. From one of your own images, we will learn how to digitally prepare your image to produce the negative onto special transfer film.  For this part of the course we will be working on a computer using photoshop or lightroom and under guidance we will show you how to style the image for the best print. Once complete we will make the digital negative.


In the morning, we will learn a little bit about the chemistry involved and how different developers produce different results. We will go over and compare images made using a light box and (weather permitting) using the sun to expose your print.

In the afternoon, this is when the real magic begins – and I really mean magic. After we expose your print, you will place it in a developing solution where your image will appear on paper in an instant and this part really has to be seen to be believed.  After developing, we will “tone” your print in a real gold solution to make this archival. Time permitting, we will “split develop” for different tones or “split tone” using gold and selenium toners for the final image.


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